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Dominion Rods

E-Rod™ Kite Rod

E-Rod™ Kite Rod

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Dominion E-Rod™ Kite rod completely eliminates the need for cords or outlets. Now you can fly your kite from any holder and move it around as needed. The Dominion E-Rod Kite Rod comes with our 5 amp hour straight butt, winthrop tip and AFTCO aluminum reel seat. the E-butt/reel seat can be swapped with any rod using a #2 ferrule. Meaning you can switch the rod without changing reels . Giving you an instant E-dredge rod or E- trolling rod all in the same package. 

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*Reel not included


  • Species: Kite Fishing
  • Run Time: 50-100 retrieves of kite based on kite strength and conditions
  • Electrical output: 14.5 V, 25 amp max discharge
  • Battery size: (5 amp hours) 
  • charge time: empty to full in under 90 minutes (charger included)
  • Battery life span: 500+ Cycles (charges/discharges)
  • Reel size: Fits Shimano, Diawa, and Banax electric reels in the 500-1200 size range.
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