By utilizing proprietary battery technology, we have designed and developed the E-ROD™ to power electric reels on multiple fishing platforms. The E-ROD™ is the solution to powering your micro electric jigging reel or your favorite high-end deep drop reel, and every rig in between.

  • E-ROD™ Jigging Series

    Ideal for both jigging and hand held bottom fishing. This series is offered in multiple line classes and is an ideal platform for electric reels in the 200-500 size class.

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  • E-ROD™ Deep Drop Series

    Offered with a #4 ferrule connection, we offer this series with our deep drop/sword rod or wahoo/planer rod collection. This series will also pair with any brand rod that uses a #4 ferrule.

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    Fly your favorite fishing kite from any rod holder without being limited by your electrical outlets. This series also mounts to any trolling rod with a #2 ferrule. Go from kite fishing to trolling in minutes.

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  • Rapid Charge

    Charge in 90 minutes or less using our simple plug and play wall charger

  • Long Battery Life

    lasts all day in most fishing scenarios. 30,000+ ft of line retrieval per charge.

  • Advanced Safety

    Integrated computer monitors and controls all aspects of battery use

  • Customizable

    Dominion Rods will customize any rod to meet your fishing needs along with custom colors and logo