E-Rod Integrated battery technology

Introducing the Dominion E-Rod, the ultimate electric reel battery designed specifically for fishermen who demand power and reliability. With a battery capacity of 5 amp hours (5000 mah), this Lifepo4 battery is built to last, providing you with long-lasting performance on your fishing trips.

Equipped with a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS), the Dominion E-Rod ensures optimal safety and efficiency. The BMS features over current protection, preventing any damage caused by excessive currents. It also includes over charge protection, safeguarding the cells from high voltage or amperage during charging. Additionally, the BMS offers over discharge protection, preserving battery longevity and preventing unsafe deterioration.

Cell balancing is another remarkable feature of the Dominion E-Rod. This internal balance charger ensures that all cells charge and discharge at equal rates while balancing cell voltage if any imbalances occur. The BMS even includes short circuit protection, instantly stopping outgoing power in case of a short circuit or water intrusion.

With its remaining power indication, you'll always know how much power is left in your Dominion E-Rod. A green light indicates 70-100 percent power remaining, blue indicates 30-70 percent, red indicates 10-30 percent, and flashing red indicates 0-10 percent remaining.

Don't let your fishing experience be limited by unreliable batteries. Upgrade to the Dominion E-Rod and enjoy uninterrupted power for your electric reel adventures. Order yours now and experience unmatched performance on the water!