By utilizing proprietary battery technology, we have designed and developed the E-ROD™ to power electric reels on multiple fishing platforms. The E-ROD™ is the solution to powering your micro electric jigging reel or your favorite high-end deep drop reel, and every rig in between.

The E-ROD™ features integrated battery technology which completely eliminates the need for cords or bulky strap-on batteries. An internal computer closely monitors all aspects of battery use, ensuring a safe and user-friendly experience. The E-ROD™ is a well-balanced and self-powered electric reel platform that will keep you fishing all day long.

For over three years, we have utilized the latest in carbon-composite technology, developing some of the lightest and strongest rods on the market. With models ranging from lightweight e-jigging rigs all the way to ultra-strong yet sensitive deep-drop rods, we’ve got you covered.

Already have a favorite deep-drop or trolling rod? No problem. The E-ROD™ battery-butt will mount to any existing rod using a #2 or #4 ferrule.

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