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E-Rod™ Elite - Jigging & Bottom Fishing

E-Rod™ Elite - Jigging & Bottom Fishing

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Dominion E-Rod™ Elite is our most powerful E-Jigging Rod that also excels at hand held deep dropping.  The Elite model utilizes aluminum Alps reel seat, premium guide train and high performance blank. We recommend this rod for jigs in the 200 to 600 gram range. For deep dropping/bottom fishing we recommend weights under 30oz.

The Elite Model comes standard with our Dominion quick swap E-Butt. 

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  • Species: targeting fish in the 10 to 65 lb range. However we have landed yellowfin tuna over 80lbs with this rod
  • Length: 77" with battery butt
  • Electrical output: 14.5 V, 20 amp max discharge
  • Battery size: (5 amp hours) 
  • charge time: empty to full in under 90 minutes (charger included)
  • Battery life span: 500+ Cycles (charges/discharges)
  • Reel size: Fits Shimano, Diawa, and Banax electric reels in the 300 - 600 size range.
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