Jeremy Lund

In 2005 Jeremy moved from the trout filled rivers of the Rocky MTNs to pursue a career in water sports. Jeremy started a water sports company in 2006 Teaching kiteboarding and guiding high profile water sports trips. During his travels he was introduced to various offshore fishing styles and fell in love with sport fishing.

In 2019 Jeremy founded Dominion Rods™ based on the idea of modernizing what a fishing rod could and should be. After intensive R&D of modern composites. Jeremy developed a light weight and exceptionaly strong Tuna popping and vertical jigging rod. These two rods put Dominion Rods™ on the map. He then took that technology and applied it to other saltwater applications, growing the brand further.

Jeremy is constantly studying, learning and improving his craft. This passion for testing, learning and building rods/lures has led to the high end product we have today.